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Red Earth and Pouring Rain (Part 2)

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As day breaks over lush, rolling hills, the Tamil landscape awakens to the promise of renewal. Monsoon rains begin to fall on the red-earthed hills, mingling with the soil until the two are indistinguishable. It is the perfect metaphor for the blossoming of a first love. Either by chance or destiny, two young hearts, first strangers, now mingle and then merge seamlessly, filling both with the delicious joy of newfound love.

This work was debuted in Kalanidhi's original production titled Poetry of Love and featured in the Colorado Fine Arts Association's Prakriti: The Nature Festival.


Anuradha Nehru and Chitra Kalyandurg


Raman Kalyan


Keerthana Adapa, Nandini Aravindan, Ankitha Durvasula, Chitra Kalyandurg, Hanish Polavarapu, Ritika Reddy, Pragnya Thamire, Meghana Upadhya

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