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Dance In The District

A four-week virtual discussion series

An interactive discussion series bringing together the diverse storytellers of DC.

Included Series

We are thrilled to launch a virtual discussion series, ‘Dance in the District’, inspired by our belief that all peoples, cultures, and the arts contribute to the meaning and understanding of our common humanity.


This four-week discussion series will feature prominent dancers, choreographers, directors, and musicians based in the D.C.-area. Each discussion will focus on dance-related topics, including performance, choreography, and storytelling. We have an exciting line-up of panelists with expertise in different art forms including contemporary and modern dance, hip-hop, ballet, opera, and Indian dance.  


We hope this cross-cultural discussion will uncover the unique perspectives of individual artistes as well as commonalities across art forms and reveal new insights about the creative process from conceptualization to all dimensions of performance.