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Winter Wonderland | Melody

February 20, 2021 11:00 AM
9:30PM IST
Pay what you can! Suggested donation: $15
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This February, we continue our exploration of the music of Kuchipudi with a feature on Melody. No matter where the melodic inspiration for a piece comes from, one thing is true: the melodies shape its emotional feel.

On February 20th, we bring to you a 60-minute show on Melody, performed and narrated by Kalanidhi’s company dancer Ramya Durvasula. Through an exploration of the way Kuchipudi music has changed over time, we hope to show you how melody influences the raw emotions, climactic moments, and nuanced subtleties of dance.

This show, which is part of our year-long Seasons with Kalanidhi series, is free to watch, and is being conducted in partnership with Aim for SEVA. We ask that in lieu of a ticket price, those who are able consider making a donation to their organization through this link.


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